Garden in Boho style

Garden in Boho style. What do you need for garden items?

Do you want Ibiza feeling in your garden all year round, such a place where you can relax and relax. A place where you can completely unwind after a long busy working day? Then a BOHO style garden is for you.

Read here what you need on garden furniture and accessories to get that real bohemian style for each other.

Your Garden In Boho Style

Do you want to hold that holiday feeling all year round, that feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Even if the sun does not shine, a garden is a slice where you can relax after a busy work day. With a Garden in Boho style you always have that sunny and relaxed feeling. In a boho garden style you will often find garden furniture with natural materials such as bamboo and rattan. With Kees Smit’s garden furniture it is very easy to get your garden in this boho style.

Here they sell everything in the garden, including natural materials and garden decoration that fall under this style.

Garden chairs in different models

Buying garden chairs is one of the first things they do when they want a new style in the garden. Logical because garden chairs often quickly give a new look to the garden. If you now want that real boho style in the garden, choose a hanging chair or wooden rocking chair.

You can’t have it more relaxed. Choose beige colors and rattan furniture. And do you have more space in the garden, but then a corner where you can put a lounge set.

You can already see yourself, cozy with friends in your garden?

With garden decorations you create that tropical boho atmosphere.

Now you really don’t have to get deep in the pocket to get your garden in Boho style. Is your garden set still fine, but it lacks color? For example, color your garden with a cheerful outdoors under the table.

But also get the shade in the garden with a nice large whirlwind parasol or wall parasol. With this you immediately give your garden that tropical boho atmosphere.

Color your garden with accessories

In addition to natural products, such as wicker planters, rattan and bamboo, you can mix and match with colors in a boho style garden. The more color in your garden the better, you could say. In addition to wicker planters, also choose terracotta or how about sea blue.

And color your lounge set with colored pillows. Not only is it nicer with a nice soft cushion in the back, it is also bohemian. And how about a hammock?

You make everyone in the house happy with that!

Just summarized everything

How do you make that garden in Boho style:

  • Choose natural materials.
  • A lounge set with many and especially colored pillows should not be missing.
  • A hammock, hanging chair or rocking chair are you in a bohemian garden.
  • Color your garden with flowers.
  • Choose wicker planters.
  • Go for accessories such as lanterns, dream catchers, outdoor rugs etc.

Turn the garden your garden

A garden is often the place to relax and to relax after a busy working day, but also to come together with friends and family. Make sure the garden becomes your garden. Make the place of helping you relax. A Garden in Boho style appeals to people so, because that bohemian style simply gives that idea of vacation, freedom and relaxation.

A great choice for the garden!