Garden Bank Inspiration which sofa fits your garden

Garden bench Inspiration: which sofa fits your garden

For the time being we cannot sit outside, but that does not mean that we cannot look for something new for the garden. Did you know that there are many different garden benches and which garden bench fits your garden?

Enjoy the sun

Nothing so nice to sit in the garden on your garden bench in the spring and summer (or if the sun now shows itself). Feel the sun in your face and get the first rays of sunshine on your skin. But which garden bench fits your garden.

Did you know that there is so much choice in garden benches?

Which garden bench do you choose?

The choice in garden benches is huge and maybe you are still thinking, it is not a bit early to think about this now, but you better be well prepared. Now buy your new garden bench and enjoy it in the summer. Precisely because there is so much choice, I choose two materials benches here today, which are common in gardens. Wood and aluminum.

Different materials and therefore also different radiations.

Wooden garden benches

Wooden garden benches are a good addition to your garden. Luxury wooden garden benches not only add something to the atmosphere of the garden, but they are also a good choice to relax and enjoy.

Teak garden bench

Perhaps the most famous wood is a teak garden bench. These sofas give a tough look. Teak wood is a hard wood that is resistant to the Dutch climate.

The wood is very strong and very durable. The wood hardly works and is not going to splinter. Ideal to leave outside.

Teak wooden furniture can take a beating.

A bamboo sofa

A bamboo sofa has a hip appearance in addition to that stoards of wood also. A sofa made entirely of bamboo is beautiful.It is a natural material and gives the sofa a unique look.

Aluminum benches

More a romantic style in your garden then you are in the right place with aluminum. The aluminum garden benches combine the highest possible quality with a beautiful and romantic design. Use beautiful rose plants or other vegetation around the bench, so that it seems to be in the middle of a park although it is just in your garden .Aluminum can also stay outside if the weather is bad and is easy to take off again when it starts out of season.

Aluminum two seats

Ideal is an aluminum two seat or as beautiful as this is called a tete-a-tete! Aluminum is also so cool in your garden and is weather -resistant. The table that is here is easy between the seats.

Handy to put down your snack and drink.

Garden bench Inspiration: This choice is there

Lounge sofa

You can also find aluminum in lounge sofas. Lounge sofas are banks that people want to have in their garden. They are super comfortable, but not every garden of course has the space for this.

Ideal about a lounge sofa are the wonderful pillows that you can completely disappear, but keep in mind that they also have to be cleaned up and you have to have a place in your shed for this.

A hanging bank

I think the dream of every child in the garden is the hanging bench. By the way, adults also love this to sit in and it is so romantic in the garden!

Garden bench Inspiration: different materials in a row

Which garden bench fits in your garden

What you like about a garden bench and what fits in your garden is of course dependent on your taste, but also on the space in your garden. If you have a small garden, chairs might be easier. But if you would like a bank, then a Tete-A-Tete is ideal again.

You immediately have a table at hand and this takes up less space and you really have enough spaces An is a lounge sofa definitely recommended.