Natuurpeeltuin Kreekbos- Games, scrambling and climbing

Nature playground Kreekbos- Games, scrambling and climbing

Get nice and wet! The nature playground in the village where grandpa and grandma live has a great attraction for children. And I get it.

Everything is made of wood, there is a zip lane. Piles with ropes to walk over, wooden posts in ditches and a water track.

So a real adventure!

Nature playground Kreekbos

In the town of Wognum in North Holland, they have been building a lot in recent years, in addition to new neighborhoods and a whole new school, a nature playground has also been built a green playground because in addition to being placed in a park, everything is played with is made of wood (excluding the water pump and slide).

Get dirty

Nature playground Kreekbos is a real adventure for children (and secretly also a bit for adults), with a zoning track, a trail of wooden beams with ropes that let you walk over locks, a water pump for a lot of fun and real teepee tents made of wood. Really an adventure park for waving, swinging, climbing and scrambling and getting dirty.

Don’t forget your clean clothes

I had not taken the latter into account. I had not taken extra clothes for the boys. Because it was pretty soggy and wet, I was a bit careful.

Finally, another birthday had to be celebrated. We did, however, agree that I will take extra clothes with me next time and I will take the Duukies Beachsocks, which I recently wrote about.

Here these socks are also ideal. Both the wooden beams and when they end up in the water. Because that is of course completely cool in the summer. Hopefully the weather is good again next time that they can just play in shorts or swimsuit here.

Official opening

The official opening of the nature playground has found places on Easter Monday and I think the children here in the village will enjoy the Kreekbos nature playground here.