Will I manage to get fit with the book

Will I be able to get fit with the book ‘The Fit Method’

Through my studies’s as a nurse and weight consultant, I know a lot about the human body, healthy eating, losing weight and getting fit. This doesn't mean I don't take an interest in new developments in healthcare. I read a lot about getting fit and losing weight. I was therefore excited, when I was approached if I wanted to read and review the book ‘ The Fit Method’ The Fit Method’. The Fit Method is not just a book, but there is opportunity for email, app and skype contact with experts.

A book that will not stand in the closet, but actually something will be done with it.

Weight Consultant

In recent years I have read many books and articles about getting fit, losing weight and healthy living despite the fact that I have stopped my practice, I remain interested in everything to do with health.

More walking

Due to my knee injury I am currently unable to exercise. I miss climbing and running very much. But all for a good cause. I do move. I have turned my living room into half a gym and do exercises suggested by my physiotherapist.

I may exercise a little more now. I recently bought a knee brace and now I walk -building up slowly- three times a week. I do notice, now that I exercise much less than usual, that I have to watch my diet more. I tend to eat as much as I did when I was exercising and I shouldn't do that.

Finally, I'm burning a lot fewer calories right now.

The Fit Method

I was approached if I wanted to review the book The Fit Method ‘the plan for a fit body’. Of course, after all, I am and always will be someone who likes to be fit. The Fit Method is a book and app put together by personal coaches, sports dieticians and professionals.

Besides a book and an app, you also have email contact, you get homework assignments and you are monitored.

The Book

The book ‘The Fit Method’ is pleasantly, clearly and understandably written. Because I already have a lot of knowledge as a weight consultant, a lot of what is in the book is familiar to me. It is written in an easy, understandable text. The book is divided into several pieces. Of course it starts with a clear explanation, but you also get to work right away with measuring, weighing and setting goals.

Each task is very well described, so it's easy to do. Then comes a piece of mindset, because a good mindset is important if you want to get fit. Then it's about exercise and there are workouts described.

Recovery and especially nutrition also gives great content to the book in addition to the topic of training.

Getting started right away

When you have read the first two chapters, you can actually start making goals right away. You can submit these via the website. Here you state very clearly what your metrics are, what your goal is, what you want to achieve and how.

If they have any questions they ask and within a few days you get information and homework assignments via email. The intention of this book is that it will not just sit on the shelf, but will actually be used.

Benefits of the book

  • The book is written in clear language
  • Lots of good information about nutrition
  • Good structure of the topics
  • Stimulating texts
  • Homework assignments via email
  • Contact by mail.

The book or other package

I personally recommend the book. If you want more background, behind the why of exercising, eating healthy, building muscle and so on, this book is a good start. The book costs €29.95 and has 328 pages. Because it is smoothly written, it reads quickly.

Hereby you get mail from a personal coach. I've gotten several emails so far about setting my goals and how to start tracking my nutrition. The emails do not come regularly and are set up automatically.

When you buy the book, you can choose between this package with just a book and occasional homework assignments or the complete Fit Method package for €69.95. In addition to the book, fitness schedules’s, home training schedule’s and mail contact, you get access to the fit-app, extra nutrition topics’s, an app to keep track of your nutrition and three months of email trajectory, among other things.

More will also cost more

While I was busy setting goals and keeping track of nutrition schedules’I received an email that there is now a temporary promotion that I can also purchase other packages. Finally, sometimes people need more motivation and support. I could now get Online personal coaching for €49.00, per month or €99.00 per month. You then get lots of extra’s, such as skype moments, the book as an e-book, workout schedules’s and more.

With the book alone, you can be ready and get started. If you want more, to guidance, schedules’s and so on, you will have to pay more and extra. This should have been made clearer on the site when I ordered the package..

My Tip

Despite all these extra’s what was a surprise to me. And what you don't have to buy of course, I still recommend the book. Just by reading this you get a lot of insight into health, getting fit, nutrition and more.Y e will get email contact, with homework assignments you can do. Although the contact is not very regular and I also did not receive everything I requested.

If you are interested in this then this is a really good buy. If you want extra’s afterwards, know that you will pay more for these.