Window coverings for the upstairs

Upstairs window coverings

The children’s rooms have been redone and now we just need window coverings for the upstairs? What to look out for when buying? What is important to you?

I went into that first.

Remodeling the Children’s Rooms

The youngest has a small room, it really needed to be taken care of. He has so many toys by now, this all needs a place to go. But he also needs to be able to do his homework at a little desk.

In consultation with him came a loft bed, with desk below. The oldest wanted this too and so there were two cool boys’ rooms upstairs.

The choice in window coverings for the upper floor

The rooms look great, just need new window coverings, but how to choose curtains? The curtains hanging in the rooms now are old curtains that have been mine. Blackout curtains in one room. I bought these back in the days when I worked a lot of night shifts and in the other room my old curtains that once hung in my living room.

The advantage of the blackout curtains is that they keep the heat out of the room in summer and in winter they keep the heat in. The dark bedroom gives you a better night’s sleep. This was the reason I hung them here when the boys were very small.

So I gave them the right day and night rhythm.

Roller blinds or Venetian blinds

Well I always really like curtains and for our bedroom I would like to choose these blackout curtains. For the boys’ rooms, however, I think blinds are better suited to blinds. But what do I choose? And what are the advantages of blinds?? Roller blinds (where you can also choose blackout, by the way) I think look sleek and cool in bedrooms.

They are also not dust collectors in the sense that they do not blow, which in turn is good for our son who still sometimes suffers from allergies. The advantage is that there is a large choice in every price range, colors, patterns and possibilities.

Roof or tilt window

But I also really like blinds. Blinds naturally last super long. Looking at my parents’ bedroom, the same blinds still hang here as when I slept here. The advantage of blinds is that there are blinds to suit every window, think roof or tilt window.

Again, you can choose blinds in all price ranges. And you can choose between wood, PVC or aluminum.

What to choose?

The choice is huge and I honestly haven’t decided yet. Although blinds do appeal to me. This mainly because of the many options in color, pattern and price.

The advantages of this online store

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