A new garden Then artificial grass might be for you

A new garden? Then maybe artificial grass is something for you

Is artificial grass perhaps a good idea for the garden? People are increasingly asking themselves this question. After all, it looks natural and even in winter you have green grass.

Besides you have no maintenance. It is logical that people are thinking about this more and more!

A new schoolyard

The boys at school have a new schoolyard. Super nice, with natural elements and grass. This grass was completely gone after just a few days. Logical considering the amount of children walking on it. Now I have absolutely nothing to say about the schoolyard of course, but as nice as the playground equipment looks, the grass is trampled.

Actually, after one day you could see that the grass was completely gone and this is not strange if you consider how many children walk on it every day. Now people will have thought carefully when they chose grass and not artificial grass

Grass or artificial grass in the garden

This made me think about grass. Why would you choose grass or just artificial turf should you build a new garden? At top artificial grass they know all about this. For example, if ordinary grass requires too much attention.

Artificial grass requires virtually no maintenance so you can enjoy your free time. Also, it always looks nice and full, even if the garden is in the shade.

Negative in the news

When I think of artificial grass, I still think of those soccer fields that were the subject of a few years ago. Those grains the boys took into the house every time that wouldn’t be good. So I was curious to see what was said about this on the site and actually I only read that artificial grass is not dangerous to health and so it can be a good substitute for grass.