School preparations for young children

School preparations for young children

After six wonderful weeks of summer vacation, we really have to go back to school again. One of the assignments of the #mamachallenge2016 was Back To School. In this blog I describe how the preparations the last week before the start can look like.

Trying on gym shoes

One thing to do in the last week of vacation is to try on the sneakers. Every time after gym class at school you take the sports clothes out of the bag, but the shoes often stay in there. Time to try these on to see if they still fit properly.

But don’t forget the sportswear itself, kids grow so fast, before you know it they need a new gym outfit again.

Discussing the new class

Before school starts again it is important to discuss with the children the new class, which teacher they will get? Where is the class? Should they enter through a different entrance? Where are you waiting when they are out again? I always make an appointment with the teacher to discuss the boys’ illness with them.

Because I do the care myself, they will get little of this. Yet I want them to know about it. Because it would also be weird if the teachers don’t know they are sick if they are admitted.

Find bags and drums

The bags have been collected, lunch boxes and drinking cups taken out of the drawer and school can start again for the boys. Although….their vacation could last much longer.