With a canopy in the garden, enjoy the outdoors all year round

With a canopy in the garden, enjoy the outdoors all year round

When spring comes, we are all outside and in the garden. We enjoy it frequently. But why shouldn’t we do this all year round? With a canopy in your garden, you can enjoy the outdoors all year round.

Who wouldn’t want that?

A canopy in your garden

Being with family or friends is very important to many people. When the sun shines, we all go outside, turn on the barbecue, work in the garden and enjoy the sun in our easy chair. But why should we not enjoy the outdoors more often? Enjoying the first rays of the sun, the flowers outside and what is happening around you?

If you have a canopy in the garden you can do this all year round.

Spending more and more time outdoors

A roof in the garden, also known as a veranda, patio cover or garden shed, is becoming increasingly popular. And rightly so. We spend a lot of time indoors, working, studying or school. How nice then to be able to go outside and enjoy the outdoors.

With a canopy in your garden you can do it all year round.

Extending a veranda

A veranda can be extended with side walls and front walls. This is called a garden cake. You can choose from closed side walls, sliding glass walls or windows, revolving doors or sliding doors in the side wall. By the way, a garden room is not a conservatory. A conservatory is an insulated space that extends your living room.

A garden room is an enclosed space, but not fully insulated.

The place for the porch

A roof in the garden is nice, but where to put it? A veranda can be placed in two places. Freestanding in the garden or fixed to the house. Fixed to the house, then the porch is attached to the house or wall.

If you decide to put a canopy in your garden, a veranda or garden room, you can extend it with, for example, LED spotlights, a heater, so you are always nice and warm, blinds or screens (awnings on the side or front).

With a roof in the garden, enjoying the outdoors all year round

Garden shelters and information on Verasol

Verasol is a manufacturer in aluminum verandas, patio covers and garden rooms. They produce all the products themselves and sell them through stores and dealers in the Netherlands and Germany. If you buy a canopy here now, you can assemble it yourself or use the assembly service by their experts. Verasol offers the following services:

  • A veranda specialist can come to your home to measure the product.
  • They can customize the products to the millimeter.
  • They can come and assemble the product.

If I had more space

I am a real outdoor person. As soon as the temperature picks up a bit and we can sit outside, I do so. We eat outside a lot in the summer and if we had the space, I would love to put in a garden room.

And then one made of glass, so you can sit in the sun out of the wind. And not just in the summer, but all year round.