Keeping New Year’s resolutions With these 10 apps you will succeed

Keeping New Year’s resolutions? With these 10 apps it works

Do you have good resolutions and want to keep them for once? With these apps, you’re sure to keep them and not just until blue monday, but all year long.

Keeping good intentions

My last article of 2019 was about resolutions and how to keep them. I did mention back then that December and January are actually bad months to start making New Year’s resolutions. These cold months make us crave warmth and coziness, and resolutions like eating healthier and drinking no more alcohol are quite difficult. I also said here that if you start with good intentions you should name them.

Say you want to lose some weight, stop smoking or stop drinking alcohol. People will not offer you this which makes it easier for you.

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Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday or depression day. It is the name given to the Monday in January that is considered the most depressing day of the year. Monday of the last full week of January is the day when most people feel sad, dejected or melancholy.

This would be due to the fact that good intentions have failed and vacations seem far away. Besides, the days are still dark and Monday is the first day of the work week for many people.

Keeping resolutions

I do make New Year’s resolutions, but not on January 1, at least this is not a day for me to start. I do participate since January 6 in the ‘good in your skin challenge’ of Woman. Not a good resolution, because I’ve been low-carb since last year, but an ideal way for me to get to know new recipes.

Woman – good in your skin challenge

Vrouw’s lekker in je vel challenge is a collaboration with Flemish TV chef Pascale Naessens (50), she helps people on a private Facebook page on their way to a healthy lifestyle and a good start to the new year. Every week she shares a healthy weekly menu, the recipes are low carbohydrate. In addition, they have a matching shopping list to make it even easier.

I look per week what I want to make. So in the first week I learned to make a delicious lunch with feta and vegetables, as well as a breakfast with fruit and coconut milk. I get great tips and recipe ideas from this group, which I sometimes just give my own twist to.

For me an ideal way to keep up my good intentions.

These apps can help you with your resolutions

But perseverance is often difficult and not only on blue monday. Do you also have New Year’s resolutions and would like to keep them, whether you started on January 1 or another date, with these apps you will definitely succeed: