Barbecuing in the garden- with these tips it is always a success

Barbecuing in the garden- with these tips it is always a success

When the first rays of sunshine arrive in the Netherlands, the barbecues also appear. Barbecuing in the garden with family and friends is something I hope to do again soon. Then make it a success with these handy tips.

Handy tools when barbecuing

That you need more than a barbecue to make a barbecue in the garden a success is something you probably also think about yourself. But which tools do you need and what should certainly not be missing when you want to make your barbecue in the garden a success??

It all starts with a good knife

Not only for outside in the garden, but also for in the kitchen it is important to use a good knife. Sharp, with a sturdy handle and good and safe storage. For knives, choose a Forged knife set. Finally, as a barbecue chef, you want to be able to cut the meat, but in style!

The knife collection from Forged stands for craftsmanship and skill. They are beautiful in design, so they also look great in the kitchen. The Forged knives come in luxury wooden boxes, in which you can put the knife back after use.

Barbecuing in the garden - with these tips it is always a success

The barbecue

Of course, a nice barbecue in the garden requires more. What kind of barbecue you choose? For many, barbecuing is only real when coals are used.

Others go for something more convenient and choose a gas barbecue to cook on. No matter what you choose. What matters is that you can cook outside (this doesn’t have to take place only in the summer, by the way. After all, you can barbecue all year round).

What is definitely recommended, especially when you choose a larger and heavier model, is a chassis on wheels. Ideal to be able to move the barbecue to the sun, the shade or to its storage place.

A meat tong and fork

Besides good sharp knives, it is wise to have more tools for a safe barbecue. Consider purchasing a meat tong, a fork and a hamburger spatula. Choose special tools for the barbecue, these are longer than ordinary kitchen utensils, making them safer and easier to use

Food and drink:

When it comes to food and drink, of course it’s entirely up to you and your wishes what goes on the barbecue. You can choose barbecue meat from the supermarket or butcher, but you can also make your own marinades to give the meat extra flavor. There are plenty of tips for this online or in books.

And the drinks you serve? Outside in the garden actually belong fresh (non) alcoholic drinks like white wine, Nolo drinks or a fresh green tea citrus

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Choose outdoor cooking

Barbecuing in the garden, cooking outside, enjoying your family and relatives. Being together, right now. It is so nice to be able to see and speak to each other again. You ensure the success of the barbecue that is certain with these tips!

Do you have any more tips? Feel free to leave them in a comment!