A good start with printable monthly calendars

A good start with printable monthly calendars

My little man, and secretly his mother too, likes to have an overview. He always likes to know which days he has to go to school and which days he will do something fun. I therefore always have a weekly and monthly calendar hanging in front of him. Nice printable monthly calendars I had not found yet though.

Until now..

Regularity and overview

Generally speaking, children function well when they are given rhythm and regularity. This definitely applies to my oldest. He is the prime example of a toddler who feels better when he is offered rhythm and regularity.

The messy days of the holiday season are over so we can get back into a nice rhythm. We love it.

To help my toddler keep track of things, I always make a monthly calendar. I used to print out a blank month and craft a calendar out of this. In it I could indicate, with text and stickers, when for example the vacations start. This way I can have more insight into what the coming days look like for my toddler.

He likes this very much.

Printable monthly calendars

It was quite a tinkering last year to make a nice clear calendar for him. So until I received Yolanda’s printable monthly calendars. Yolanda is the owner of the webshop Annekoendigitaal. In this webshop she sells awesome printables she designed herself.

We were introduced to the printable monthly calendar Mix & Match. A happy calendar that, after ordering, you receive in a ZIP file so you can print it yourself. Ideal. We have printed all the months and hung them on the wall.

Ready to use all year round.

Print your game

At AnnekoenDigitaal you can find not only printable monthly calendars but much more beggen. You can go all the way with your printer in this webshop. Yolanda Has Lots of Designs for Various Treats, Parties and Even Decoration.

Simply Order Your Printable In The Webshop And You Can Get Started. Very handy if you are not very creative or just want to make a nice treat in a simple way.

A Good Start With Printable Monthly Calendars

Do you also use one at home? Monthly Calendar? Which one do you use?


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