A Healthy Lifestyle with Yoga

A healthy lifestyle with yoga

A healthy lifestyle with yoga. Can it be done and how to do it? Now I am familiar with knee problems and Lisanne from Superyoga.nl, told me that with Yoga you can also tackle injuries.

She wrote an article about this.

Healthy lifestyle

Yoga has long since ceased to be a woolly method for relaxing and becoming limber. Fortunately, yoga is now known as hip and healthy! In an increasingly busy world where developments are flying around our ears, there is an increasing need for relaxation and rest. Our days are packed with appointments and the days seem too short to do everything you want to do. It is therefore so wonderful to regularly take a step back.

And check with yourself how you feel. Your body and mind give signals.

Listen to your body

It’s important to notice them so you keep feeling good and don’t build up physical complaints in silence. Yoga has been around for years. Over the years thousands of yoga styles have been developed to maintain or restore the balance between mind and body. The good thing is that there is always a style that suits you and your needs at that moment.

Your age, physical condition or weight do not matter, yoga is not about performing but you may (should!) Just be yourself! Lovely! And it contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

What exactly is yoga??

Simply put, yoga involves performing different types of poses. With one style you do it in a faster (dynamic) and moving rhythm. In another style of yoga, you perform the poses in stillness.

We call this static. A static style is for example Yin Yoga. Here you perform postures for up to five minutes in a slightly heated room so you can achieve a deep stretch. This involves focusing on your breathing and turning inward so that you eventually find your peace of mind.

The yin postures create a stretch that works its way into the deep layers of your body. Blockages disappear and your energy flows again. By holding the poses longer, you give the sluggish (connective) tissues time to adjust and even improve.

Addressing Injuries and Health

For a dynamic style you can think of vinyasa yoga, a style where you do different (challenging) postures in a fast pace. It is important to find out what your needs and desires are so that you can choose the right style. All Forms of Yoga Involve Breathing, Stretching Muscles and Joints and Paying Attention to Yourself. Choosing the Style is all about where you want to focus your Attention. Do you want to tackle an injury?

Then Yin Yoga Could Be Your Solution! Because A Strong Core? Then take a look at a trial class of ashtanga yoga.

Yoga is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Because Yoga is Becoming Increasingly Popular, The Step to Get Acquainted with Yoga is Small. Besides Taking A (Trial) Class at the Gym or Yoga Studio You Can also Easily Get Started at Home. The Internet is full of good YouTube channels and via your smartphone you can find good apps with complete yoga sessions with great music and professional instructions. A yoga mat forms your base and you can supplement it with props such as a belt, yoga bolster or yoga block.

The mat provides support and grip, the accessories prevent injuries or allow you to perform a pose comfortably.

5 tips to get started:

  • Pick a channel via YouTube or an app via your smartphone
  • Install your mat and accessories in as quiet a space as possible
  • Dim the lights and create an atmosphere with music and candles as needed
  • Allow plenty of room to move
  • Live in the moment and enjoy!

If you are new to yoga it is important to build up your sessions, it is not at all crazy to start with 10 minutes. For some it works better to choose a shorter period every day and for others a long session three times a week is fine. Analyze your needs first so you can adjust your practice accordingly.

See if you can find a focus during the week or alternate to keep it challenging for yourself.

Meditation is hanging out with your soul

Do you want to find inner peace and do not necessarily feel the need for yoga?? Then you might as well start with meditation. The first few times are probably a little uncomfortable, but soon you won’t be able to live without it anymore.

Sit back on your meditation cushion and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing, breathing in gently through your nose and out more forcefully through your mouth. Let your thoughts wander through your mind, don’t judge them and try to go back to your breathing every time.

Repeat until you are calm.

Easy way to exercise

I find a healthy lifestyle important. And if that can also be done by taking Yoga classes, then I would definitely look into this. The advantage of finding yoga classes online is that it makes it easy to join.

On Lisanne’s advice I will look into Yin Yoga. Who knows, maybe this will be my new sports career!