Remodel rooms where to get home inspiration

Remodeling rooms, where do you get home inspiration?

Last year we changed the boys’ rooms. The crib went out and a big boys’ bed came in. The walls were painted and closets were remodeled. So for now we are done here.

Still, in the back of our minds we are always thinking about a major remodel where the boys will move out of their rooms and into the attic. Time for some inspiration!

High beds in the rooms

The youngest in our family has the smallest bedroom. First this was the baby’s room and then this stayed his room. We converted these at the end of last year.

He is getting older and like his bigger brother he needed a desk. Besides house and leather work, type courses and just need their own space. The rooms were painted in a cheerful color and both rooms got a loft bed with a large desk underneath it.

The boys are very happy with their rooms and we are happy with the result.

To rebuild or not

Still we keep in the back of our minds that we might rebuild the house again. Because won’t that little bedroom become too small?.How with it when he is a lot bigger? Our attic is a hobby room. We could convert these into two bedrooms.

At the moment I shouldn’t think about remodeling, after all, in addition to the bedrooms, we’ve also remodeled the bathroom and kitchen in recent years. Still, I really enjoy getting home inspiration and looking at the possibilities of our attic.

When we rebuild

Should the plans come, I think we’ll go for two dormers to make the rooms bigger. These dormers or other windows should still be placed. Since that is really in need of renewal. For ideas I like to look at the site of

I can dream away at all the photos’s and ideas of bedrooms that I find here. Ideal is that they immediately put down with these photos what comes with all the extra’s. Finally, it will not only be a new dormer, but there is much more to it. Think curtains or mosquito netting.

On the site you can choose for example blackout curtains and blinds separately or all in one, pleated blinds or shutters. Plenty of choice

Living inspiration

We are bound to have to renovate the attic. The dormer or skylights can still differ. We really have to make a good choice by then. On the site of Velux.en I get lots of ideas.

The site is great for getting home inspiration. But is also easy to use, since you can immediately choose to the space you want to renovate. So click straight to bedroom or if you want to see examples, of a living room, choose this option. This way you do not have to go through all the pages’s before you reach your choice.

The pictures on the site are so inspiring that you actually want to start renovating right away.

An extra tip! On the site you can find very cool nursery curtains for skylights and tips for better sleep!

Would you like to renovate now ask for the brochure of Velux.And who knows, you might get super nice inspiration for your home!

Which part of the house could use a facelift??