Less snacking – join the Week of Candy Good

Less snacking- Join the ‘Week of Candy Good’

Did you know that 2 out of 3 Dutch people want to eat less candy. But that only 30 percent of them will actually do this. Do you want to less snacking?

Then take action now and join the national ‘Week of Candy Good’.

Sign up and get a magazine sent to you with tips and discounts on tasty healthier products!

Eat less candy

Do you want to snack less? Then you are certainly not the only one. It turns out that 65 percent of the Dutch actually want to do this.

Yet taking action is difficult for many. The will to eat healthily is often there, but we often don't manage to stay away from unhealthy foods.

And sometimes it's nice to have some encouragement and that's where this week helps us.

Why the Week of Candy Good

Do you choose consciously, when it comes to food? The ‘Week of Snoep Goed’ has been organized to get Dutch people to make more conscious choices when it comes to snacking and snacking. And although the will to eat healthy may be there, the period we are currently in, working and being at home a lot is not conducive either.

A healthier diet would help

Do you find it difficult to say no when you are offered something?? Or is the temptation of the many sweets in school canteens or gas stations what's killing you? You are certainly not the only one.

The environment is an important factor when it comes to unhealthy eating and snacking. Maybe you want to cut back, but your environment is making it hard for you too. That's why it's so important to have lots of tasty healthy options.

Then the right choice is made much easier. Producers are increasingly forced by global trends and adapted laws and regulations to make products that contain less sugar and calories.

Take action during the Week of Candy Good

The Week of Snoep Goed is from January 17 to 23. You read that right, the resolution to eat healthier starts on Blue Monday. Now might be the time to change your snacking habits for healthier alternatives, such as fresh fruit, vegetables or nuts.

The Week of Candy Good is from January 17 to 23

How to participate

You can participate in this Candy Week by registering on the Candy Week site. After registering you will be sent a magazine with all the tips, discounts on tasty healthier products and you will receive daily tips via email during the Week of Candy Good. Despite eating carbohydrate restricted and already paying close attention to what I take in, I -like last year- am participating in this week again.

Information about healthy alternatives and healthier living never hurts. It really comes highly recommended to sign up.