The cutest LEGO sets for the month of December

The nicest LEGO sets for the December month

LEGO is and remains popular, even during the Christmas season. The Cutest LEGO sets to give as a gift, perfect for gift night or under the Christmas tree in a row. From the Heartlake City Grand Hotel with a piano bar, spa and even a real penthouse, to a stunt show set to stage your own Christmas circus.

The nicest LEGO sets

But there is much more. To add extra sparkle to the holiday month, dessert on this year's Christmas menu includes LEGO cupcakes, with removable icing, toy candles and stickers to decorate them all by yourself. In addition, LEGO Build developed & Talk, a tool to also make it fun for parents to talk playfully with their children about the safety of online play. Listed below are the cutest gifts for the month of December.

Heartlake City Grand Hotel

Embark on a journey in the Heartlake Grand Hotel City from LEGO® Friends. How cool is this! Your child can check in at the reception and have a luxurious stay here with her LEGO friends. From a piano bar to suites with private bathrooms, and even a spa and penthouse. Thanks to the included seasonal accessories, your child can choose the decor herself and can also style the hotel staff in their own outfit. Click here for an outlet

Stuntshow Arena

Is your child a real daredevil? With the LEGO® City Stuntshow arena, kids can invent spectacular shows. Saltos with 2 cool monster trucks or a stunt engine with flywheel drive that flies through a ring of fire. No two shows are the same thanks to stunt modules that you can easily rearrange. Set includes 6 minifigures, including 3 characters from the LEGO City TV series.

Creative party kit

Just ask your child if he or she will take care of the Christmas dessert this year, because with the LEGO® DOTS creative party kit, Christmas dessert will look very different this year. Your child can really unpack and get going with 8 toy cupcakes to feast on. Under the removable ‘icing’ is a secret compartment hidden for candies or other small surprises. In addition to tiles, candles and stickers, this set also includes festive inspiration for parents to help their child have a great day.

The kids take care of the desserts this Christmas with these fun LEGO DOTS

LEGO® Technic model of a robust tow truck

LEGO® Technic also falls under the most fun LEGO sets for the December month, because even though your (small) child does not have a driver's license yet he or she can get behind the wheel of the robust tow truck from LEGO® Technic. These trucks contain so many mechanical functions, allowing your child to make realistic movements with the vehicle. Consider activating the crane, pumping up the crane arm, pulling out the winch and extending the support legs. As icing on the cake, the tow truck features an elevator axle to lower extra wheels and distribute the weight even better. Some dads are bound to get jealous.


Counting train – Learning to count

Littlest LEGO fans can learn to count with the LEGO® DUPLO® My First Counting Train. In a fun way your toddler can load and unload the train, stack it and put it in order. In the process, he or she gets the help of a LEGO girl, boy and dog. Discover together an imaginative world full of educational fun!

Build & Talk Online program

This may not belong among the cutest LEGO sets for December but worth mentioning. After all, LEGO sees it as its role to help children play safely, not only offline but also online. The company saw that online video viewing by kids under the age of 7 increased by a whopping 70% since the pandemic. 65% of parents talk to kids about screen time and its potential dangers, but it often leads to conflict. LEGO is now coming out with Build & Talk. This program helps you as a parent to have a playful conversation with your child about privacy and safe sharing online. You can download the storyline, which includes assignments for the kids and sample questions for the parents. All you need are LEGO bricks or colored pencils.

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