Continue to learn during the summer holidays with Squla

Continue to learn during the summer holidays with Squla – Thinking sport junior

Keep learning in a fun way during the summer vacation? SQULA and DENKSport Junior have several puzzle books with which children can continue to learn. Participate in the win promotion and win two puzzle books for children aged 6+ (group 3-4-5)

The summer vacation almost starts

After all those weeks of home education, the children are now back to school. For a few weeks because then the summer vacation starts. It will be a strange time, because we can and can go where?

Instead of preparing for our trip to America, we are now canceling everything.

Uncertainty whether we are going on vacation.

Yet the summer vacation is coming, with all its uncertainties. But also certainties. Because after the summer vacation our oldest goes to high school and our youngest to group 8. What’s going fast!

The puzzle books of DENKSport

Whether we go on vacation or not, I buy a few puzzle books for the boys just like every year. This is also to let them learn in a playful way during those six weeks. They think it’s great to do and don’t realize that they are also learning in addition to puzzle pleasure.

Continue to develop, also during the holidays

Of course children have to enjoy again this summer. Maybe we will stay at home more than usual? Who will say. Of course you naturally want to entertain your children as much as possible, let it enjoy but also continue to develop! Good news, because there is a new series of DENKSport Junior/Squla Puzzle Books.

This time again a nice summer book and a new puzzle block.

Collaboration between Denksport and Squla

Squla is of course already the best online platform to playfully practice in all subjects of primary school. Squla wants all children to go to school with pleasure so that they come along well at school. Practicing at home gives them self -confidence and learning pleasure.

That is why DENKSport Junior entered into a partnership with Squla. Because DENKSport gives children with puzzles a nice leisure activities in a playful way, and also helps to increase vocabulary and thinking capacity indirectly! This has again translated the digital part of Squla into print.

The success of the SQULA holiday books and other educational booklets is continued. This summer a series of four squla playing leather booklets, a new summer book and a puzzle block will be published. All booklets are for children from 6 years (group 3/4/5 and can be purchased separately in stores from € 5.95 or can be ordered on the site . There is no subscription option on this title.

Which titles are there?

1. Squla Summer Book

Together with the Squla figures, the children make a world trip in which different continents are discussed. In addition to the well-known language and calculation puzzles, there are also fun do-it-all pages in the Squla Vakantieboek. A small hold of puzzles that can be found in this puzzle book are: Learning English words, color on number, word search, learning tables and much more.

In addition to all these fun and challenging puzzles, you will also find great tips for holiday games that you can do outside during the holidays in this book. Children do not have to be bored with the Squla holiday book. Good for hours of puzzle pleasure!

Keep learning during the summer holidays with Squla - DENKSport Junior Keep learning during the summer holidays with Squla - DENKSport Junior

2. Playing reading and calculating

Q does not know what he likes, language or math. He likes both! This is his favorite puzzle block.

Full of letters and numbers, funny language puzzles, spicy figures and fun calculations. That will automatically make you smarter!

3. Letterflat- Language and spelling fun from A to Z

There is plenty to do in the LetterFlat. Q is happy to introduce you to the special residents of the building. One loves the au/ou and the other wants to know everything about the meanings of words.

In this flat you automatically become a language champion.

4. Calculation Hotel – Check and count along

In the calculation hotel everything revolves around numbers and sums. Q is happy to give you a tour. From the swimming pool to your room and the bar in the calculation hotel: there is something to be counted everywhere.

Come in and step out again like a mathematical wonder!

5. Flight Q – On adventure with foreign languages

Come to the airport and get ready to go with flight Q. In the departure hall you meet people from Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy. Learn words and sentences in their language. This way you are completely ready for the trip.

6. Topo train – Explore the world by rail

The Topo train is ready for departure. Step in, then Q shows you more of our world! You will become acquainted with all kinds of landscapes and cultures along the way, in countries close by and far away.

This way you will discover more and more about geography during the ride with the Topo train.

Review: Summer book and playing reading and arithmetic.

Although the boys are a bit older here, they also really like these puzzle books. The summer book is from 6+ and stands out for its cheerful colors and fun games. It is very varied. With calculating sums, language assignments, secretary or line puzzles. There are search plates, jigsaw puzzles and nummerlores.

Really everything is discussed. Playing and calculating is small in size and therefore easy to take with you if, for example, you go somewhere with the children and have to do something to do. We also do puzzles together very often, cozy and we both learn from it.

Keep learning during the summer holidays with Squla - DENKSport Junior


I can give away a package of these two books from DENKSport If you want to win the Summer Book (6+) and playful reading and calculating (group 3/4/5) then do the following:

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  • This win promotion runs until Sunday 28 June 2020
  • The winner will be notified there e -mail.

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