Books for the holidays

Books for the holidays

You read a lot? During the holidays you often have more time to read and it is nice to take many books with you in the travel bag. Which should really go on vacation this year and do you have extra tips?

Read as a hobby

Reading is a hobby, often given by your parents. If they have read you a lot, if they read a lot themselves, then chances are that you are also a bookworm. Entire crates books go to the campsite. Because nothing so nice to read on vacation.


You can borrow books at the library, choose an e-reader or maybe you bought them to take on vacation.

To book a vacation

Real vacation books are of course vibrators. Vibrators for which you really have the time and can read in a piece. But also romantic swallowing in the sun at the pool is really vacation.

You should really read this one

Lee Child

I really like the books about Jack Reacher. Exciting from the very first moment. What are these about: ‘ Jack Reacher is a former major with the American military police. After being waved to the army, Reacher leads a wandering existence. He roams the United States because he believes that he never got to know his own country because he mainly spent his youth on military army bases abroad.

He mainly travels around by hitchhiking, by bus or on foot not to leave a paper track. The only possessions he carries with him are money, a foldable toothbrush, and after the attacks on September 11, 2001, an expired passport. He only wears his clothes for 2 to 3 days, after which he gets rid of this by purchasing new, cheap clothing at rural retail chains. He does not have a fixed income and lives on his savings and part -time jobs.’

In the meantime we have a whole collection of the Jack Reacher series. And recently I found two parts at a book benefit that we had not yet read. Including the visitor.

So these will definitely go on vacation.

David Baldacci

We have already read a lot of David Baldacci’s books.These stories are also so exciting from the moment that you don’t want to put the book away anymore. Often there are several stories mixed up, so it is really for me for the vacation ’. These are from those stories that you can’t put away too long. You really have to keep reading, also to stay in the story.

David Baldacci often writes a number of series in succession with the same leading role. DeGeen that I now take with you is called endgame.

Jessie van Kuijck

There is also a heart book, especially for myself: yes I believe in fairy tales from Jessie van Kuijck. I recently won this and I have saved specially for the holidays. It is about a holiday love in which the Dutch Izannah falls in love with the Turkish Rohat.

The spark skips and the two get a long -distance relationship.

Reading books

Dan Brown

Also in the suitcase, the newest book by Dan Brown is going: who doesn’t know them. The Da Vinci Code, the Bernini Mystery and now I am taking its last copy ‘ the origin ‘ along. Again Robert Langdon is the protagonist.

And takes place in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Seville.

In addition to these copies that we take with you, a number of rejected library will also be included. When we have read this, we change it at the campsite. This way another can read them again and we also have extra ’ s . You see this happening more and more on campsites (also abroad).

Another tip for the holidaymakers, take Dwarsliggers with you. Because if you take just as much to read as we do, it saves a lot in space and weight to take sleepers with you. You can also borrow this at the library.

And another books tip: the beautiful book Florian is not over.