Autumn tree

DIY autumn tree

Friday we couldn't get out of it. The temperature was still fine and in between showers the sun was shining but let's face it… Autumn is coming. So after little man went to preschool we got to crafting.

This time we changed the seasonal tree again.

We turned it into a real autumn tree.

Seasonal tree

If you have been following Bblogt for a while then you have seen the seasonal tree a few times already.(Ice cream tree and summer critters) On a small table in the living room we have a very cool wooden tree that we always adapt to a theme or season. Last month this tree had the theme “Little sister” because the toddler got a little sister. Friday I thought it was time to change the tree again.

We turned it into a cozy fall tree.

Hedgehogs and leaves

I had the little man make hedgehogs for the tree. From brown cardboard I cut the shape of a hedgehog. Then I cut spines out of brown paper.

The toddler diligently went to work gluing both hedgehogs full of spines. In the end I just had to draw a face on them and they were done.

A rather simple idea but the effect is very nice.

On Pinterest I found a super simple but fun idea to make leaves. All you need is paper, scissors and glue. Just follow the link for the super clear work description of these leaves.

The end result is quite good, if I do say so myself. A happy autumn tree is now on the table. Last week you already saw some tips from our autumn pinterest board.

In the near future we will undoubtedly make more cute autumn things, so the table will slowly get more and more full.

autumn tree

What do you think of our autumn tree? Do you have more fun fall ideas? I like to hear them!

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