Arranging babysitting through an app or site

Arranging a babysitter through an app or site, is that possible??

Watch is an online babysitting center where babysitters can sign up and parents like you and me can find someone. All through an app or the site. When babysitting.You can always find a babysitter in your neighborhood.

So you can feel free to go out for an evening while the children stay at home.


Babysitting, I think we have all done it at one time or another. I started this when I was about fourteen years old. just at the neighbor kids. Or the children of friends of my parents.

You always knew your parents were around, should you have any questions. Nowadays life is much faster, partly due to all the Social Media. Not at all strange that nowadays things like babysitting are arranged with a website.

On the website of Nannies.En find over 45.000 people in the Netherlands. You can also find guest parents on this site. Z

The Platform

Purpose of the site of is mainly to provide parents with someone who lives near them. Watch was founded in 2008 and is based in Rotterdam. It is a public community marketplace where people can present themselves – online or from a cell phone. Parents are also helped to create the best experience in finding a babysitter or professional host parent. Whether it’s childcare for daytime, ’evenings or weekends; Whether you’re a babysitter, host parent, host parent agency or parent; connects people.

For every kind of childcare and in more than 2.000 cities in the Netherlands.

Advantages of babysitting.en

  • Sign up for free
  • Easy to look for babysitter or gasholder and contact them directly
  • Trusted and safe (Safety is paramount). This is why they verify their users d.m.v. email address and/or phone numbers. They also ask babysitters and host parents to request a reference and write reviews about each other when they have had contact. Furthermore, they have their own messaging system, so it stays safe and if necessary they have control over it. Most importantly, keep all user contact information protected)


When the boys were little, we opted for a guest parent. I really liked the small scale. On the site you can use filters to find the right host parent for you

When you have found a babysitter or guest parent you pay €9.95 per month. The costs for the babysitter or guest parent is up to them. However, guidelines indicated on the site.

So babysitters wanted or guest parent wanted? Take a look at the site and see the options nearby.