And then I was a surrogate mother

And then I was a sling mom

And then suddenly you are a sling mom. I hear you thinking; what? No, not a surrogate mother as in pregnant for someone else, but a surrogate mother. A carrying mom.

One of those moms with a sling with a package baby hidden in it. Yep, since this week I fall into the category of carrier mom.

Ergonomic carrying?

When the little man was a baby I carried him too. He suffered from severe tummy cramps until five months so we carried and rocked him a lot. But then we unsuspectingly carried him in the baby carrier which turns out NOT to be ergonomic. Well, as new parents you really do your best and when you buy a baby carrier in a baby store you assume that it is good. Only later I read up on it and found out that the well-known baby carrier is actually not good for the baby.

A little one like that should be carried in the M position. With the knees higher than the buttocks and therefore not dangling from a baby carrier. Nothing happened to our little man but since I now know better I use a sling now.

Goat wool socks

Previously, I secretly looked a little black and white at mothers with a sling. I often found it quite goat’s wool sock-like. Of those floating nature types who wear wool socks in their Teva’s. (My apologies to the people who still feel offended).) So until I looked into it and discovered how nice wearing a baby sling really is. You have your hands free, your baby close to you and it is also super good for the bonding between mother and child.

Yes, I’m all for it!

Wear mommy

Our little girl regularly suffers from stomach cramps during the day. It’s part of the deal, I know, but it bothers me. Since I also want to keep myself busy with the little guy, the lady now regularly sleeps on my belly in the sling. The tummy cramps seem a lot less severe when she is so close to me and I have my hands free.

This way I can play with the little man while the little lady is close to me. Ideal!

Do you also wear? How do you like it?

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