Blood donor wanted Sint is looking for you

Blood donor Wanted: Sint is looking for you

Monday I was at the Bloodbank for an introductory meeting. Blood was taken to see if I can become a blood donor. Recently I decided to give up again.

But many more donors are needed.

Been a blood donor before

Years ago I was a blood donor, but somehow, I stopped doing this. Until I saw a call at the RTL 4 Journal in June. Here it was told that there was a shortage of blood donors. I then decided to sign up immediately and this week I could come to the purchase location. This time only blood was taken to check whether everything is good.

If this is the case, the call will follow automatically.

Do something for it yourself

Now that I have registered again, I really think it is only logical that I am a blood donor again. I also hope that if I ever need blood, this is also available for me. Then I can do something for this myself.

And why should we not even give something else as a gift in this Sinterklaas period and become a masal blood donor.

Sinterklaas is looking for a blood donor

Sinterklaas has a lot of wish lists in the big book. However, he cannot give many people and children what they would prefer and need the most: new blood. There is probably someone for whom you would go through the fire, someone for whom you would give blood without a doubt. Together we are responsible that there are always enough blood products in stock, to supply hospitals and to experience medicines.

You too are desperately needed as a blood donor! Because blood is life and good to give.

A video message from Sint

And so the Saint comes with a video message for you. Take a look:

Are you already a blood donor and do you want to make a message. For sure, because the more donors, the better! No donor yet?

Give someone a gift and sign up as a donor!