Madurodam discover the Netherlands in miniature

Madurodam, discover the Netherlands in miniature

Madurodam. Discover the stories of the Netherlands. It is a beautiful park with playground and many attractions.

Madurodam is fun for children, but also successful for adults.

Discovering Madurodam

In the theme park, open 365 days a year, there is a lot to see and especially a lot to do. Step into the shoes of DJ Armin van Buuren and mix your own beats at the DJ Table, learn to fly at Schiphol Airport and load a ship with containers in the port of Rotterdam. By closing the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier in time, you help prevent the land from flooding.

This is how big Orange is

Don’t forget to visit the indoor soccer attraction ‘Zo Groot Is Oranje’ and find out how the orange craze started. Here you can take a picture with the real 1988 cup. Show us how well you can play soccer. And of course running around in the big playground

In Madurodam you can discover what makes a small country great.

An amazing day

The boys loved Madurodam and so did we. We had no idea what to expect and that is what is always so nice. The surprise of the day! What is so incredibly fun about Madurodam is that one moment you see the train station of Groningen, and then you walk past Dam Square in Amsterdam. We enjoyed the buildings, the train that ran and the activities the kids got to do.

The playground was also a great success! An ideal day out. And it certainly wasn’t the last time we were here. because that is also so much fun, they build new things every time.