Lists lists lists Bblogt in 2015

Lists, lists, lists.. Bblogt in 2015

Towards the end of the year it is customary to reflect on the past year. Normally I'm not into that but I do enjoy looking back at Bblogt in 2015. Over half a year ago my first article came online. By now I have already written 159 and this number will be 160. Of all those articles, some are still read regularly and others almost not anymore.

I hereby share some nice lists of articles.


Top ten most read articles

  1. An article that many readers came to via google. I made a text on wood with modpodge.
    This caused quite some discussion. What would a stay-at-home mom be worth if she actually received a salary for all the work she does?. .
    Our personal highlight of the year; the little girl was born. I wrote about the maternity week. Have a nice week with some inconveniences.
    On my blog you will find regular DIY’s. Fun things you can make yourself, for your kids, with your kids or just for yourself. In this DIY I made a quiet book.
  1. Something the little man still plays with regularly.
    Another fun activity. Making a smashbook. Sort of a diary in scrapbook form.
    A short article announcing the birth of our little girl.
    And yet another DIY in the top ten. This countdown calendar was shared massively. I wonder who made it too.
    An article about mud day with an awesome DIY in it. We made a mud kitchen out of pallets.
    I have. With my family and that is not always easy. Read about it in this article.
    Last but not least, an article about the first time. Is this article as exciting as the title suggests?

Top 5 most fun DIY’s

You probably noticed that we do a lot of crafting. I share at least one or more DIY’s on my blog every week. Of course there are projects we found extra fun to do ourselves.

So together with my little man I made an overview of the 5, for us, nicest DIY’s.

  1. A really cool project. We made a very cool rocket out of a Coke bottle and a flamethrower/rocket backpack. Little man can soar through the house like a rocket.
    In the list of best read articles the mud kitchen already came up. We made a playful water wall on the back cover. Perfect for the summer.
    To keep all the crafts and drawings, we should actually make an extension to the house. That seems a bit excessive so we make a craft book every year to save everything. Nice tip!
    A fun printable that we use a lot. Print out a forest bingo and go looking in the forest. .
    During the children's book week we went to work with experiments. These are also done regularly nowadays. Especially the cola fountain is very popular with the little man.

What did you like best to read on What do you want to see more of in 2016? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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