Nocturnal adventures

Nocturnal adventures

It was the night of 19 to 20 October. I was in a car in the back seat. We drove over dark country roads.

The driver knew the phenomenon ‘ brakes for the bend ’ not . At 80 kilometers per hour he tore through the bends. I had my belt on but still flew in all directions. I wasn’t alone in the back seat.

Next to me, on me, below me, in front of me and above me were birds.

Brightly colored birds. I estimate it was about twenty. They were all half bald and had cut beaks. It looked heartbreaking.

It felt that way.

One bird nibbled on my finger. Another bird picked my wedding ring and put it around its neck. And then..
… Then I woke up.

I am the type that dreams particularly strange and lively. I experience real nocturnal adventures. I can fly regularly, I stand on my socks somewhere outside, my teeth are loose or do I know I dream.

Very tiring because after such a &#8217.

A pity. I not only dream weird, I also have real nightmares. Chases, abductions, murders, I am at home from all markets. At least, I am always the direct object.

After such a ’ n dream I wake up in sweat and it is not easy to sleep normally.

Nine out of ten times that nightmare just continues as soon as I close my eyes again. Also such a shame.

Now my little man has inherited this from Z ’ n mother. Well great. As a little guy he woke up ’. He could not tell it yet but to see his emotion and behavior, he would probably have had a nightmare.

Heartbreaking to see.

Usually a hug and a little drink was enough to let him sleep quietly again. The little man is now a toddler. A toddler who can experience things very intensely and can think deeply about certain things. This must of course be processed ’ at night.

And how do we do that?

Right, by dreaming.

Recently Mr. I went to sleep, go to him and sat next to him on his bed. I thought he was awake but Mr. apparently was still in his dream.

He called; “ no, don’t throw away my sister!”. My heart broke. What was that pathetic to hear and especially to see. He was still completely in his dream.

Great that I am so weird and a lot of dreams but then my little man doesn’t have to do that.

After a few minutes he woke up and I could finally comfort him. The poor boy was pretty upset by his intense dream. Fortunately a lullaby and a little drink did wonders and quickly slept like a rose again.

Dreams has always fascinated me. Maybe because I dream so vividly and she almost always knows. It would actually be hereditary? Or is it a matter of coincidence that my little man seems to dream so vividly?

I am curious how this is developing.

Maybe in a few years we will be comparing our dreams every morning. Now I am always the only one who remembers her dreams in detail. To the great pleasure of my husband.


Do you dream so lively? And what about your child (ren)?

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