The benefits of infrared heating in the home

The benefits of infrared heating at home

You already see it around you more, offices, factories and public spaces are already using it: infrared heating. Infrared heating has so many advantages that this form of heating is increasingly being used in homes. Exactly what those advantages are? You can read it here.

Why you should choose an infrared heater?

You see it more and more, also in homes, infrared heating, it has so many advantages. Actually we know far too little about this, hence an article on why you can opt for this in a residential house as well?

It is easy to install

First of all, infrared heating is very easy to install. The panels of the heating have a special suspension system that makes it very easy to hang them on the wall or ceiling, such as the infrared heating ceiling of Redwell. You do not need to install gas or water pipes as with conventional heating. It saves a lot in installation costs. Be sure to choose a spot near the electrical outlet and keep in mind that you may want to hide the wires from the panels. Using a wireless thermostat you can control the temperature of the infrared heater.

You no longer have unwanted air circulation in the house

With a conventional heater, the heat is released into the air. Therefore, with this heater you often suffer from unwanted air circulation, which releases a lot of house dust and other fine dust. With an infrared heater this is a thing of the past. The panels in an infrared heater actually give off radiant heat, which means that the heat is only given off to people and objects in a room.

It uses less energy

Another big advantage is that an infrared heater uses a lot less energy than a conventional heater. An infrared heater heats a room efficiently, eliminating the need for high air temperatures. With a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius you are already warm with an infrared heater, because it heats in a very targeted way. Also, there is no convection, which means less heat is lost. The amount of energy you save with an infrared heater depends on the space you heat with it, but on average it is between 10% and 40%.

Infrared heating is beautiful

Finally, an infrared heater has a beautiful finish. There are many different types to choose from, allowing you to choose what best suits your interior. In terms of materials, for example, you can choose glass, aluminum, ceramic, etc. Want infrared heating in the bathroom? You can even hide these very nicely in the mirrors!

Beautiful design in your home

You often do not think about it After all, a heater is a heater, but an infrared heater is so much more beautiful and stylish in the home. Take a look at the site and see for yourself what beautiful stylish heaters these are. Find more interior design tips on my Pinterest board.