Games for a rainy day

Games for a rainy day

Rain in the summer vacations, it happens. Unfortunately. Of course you hope for sunny days, but a rainy day also happens. But what else can you do when it’s raining?

Games, old-fashioned board game and modern new games.

Six weeks of vacation

Of the six weeks of vacation, three weeks go on vacation abroad. Camping, climbing and hiking in the mountains. The three weeks at home, we visit grandparents, go on maternity visits and sick visits.

We also have a standard movie day, with popcorn and couch hanging. We get through the days just fine. If the weather is nice we go to the puddles and if it’s a rainy day we do crafts or play games.

Rainy day

Here the boys love games and while on Saturday evenings we sometimes like to take a game out of the cupboard, during the summer vacations we have a tradition of playing games on a rainy day for a few years now. We get all the family games out of the cupboard, put lemonade and chips on the table and see what we have. Most of the games are from my husband’s and my own childhood.

Monopoly and career we play in guilders instead of euros’and for trivial we have not so long ago bought an extension set with modern questions, because everything about the 80’s is already difficult for us, but for the boys even more so.


Boys’ favorite games are gallows, foose-board, Ludo and Monopoly. They play Monopoly with their own rules. Houses and hotels are built everywhere, they don’t pay interest and somehow they always have more money than I have.

It’s always fun to do and even if it rains, we get through the day just fine!


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Today my assignment it is raining.