Osprey- hiking with a matching bag

Osprey- hiking with a bag that fits

Do you hike with a backpack? Make sure you have a bag that fits. Nothing walks like a bag that does not fit properly. There are special backpacks for women.

At Osprey they now have an extensive collection of backpacks.

Rehabilitation with a brace

Hiking is something I do a lot. Both as part of my rehabilitation, but also summers in the mountains. So I am very curious to see how it will go during the summer vacations this year.

With my knee problems, will I be able to walk properly. Besides a brace I put on, I have two ski poles I walk with and I make sure I have a good backpack. because walking with a backpack that fits properly is so important.

The right backpack for you

Hiking is so much more enjoyable when you do it with a backpack that fits properly. For example, you have special women’s backpacks that sit better on the hips. At Osprey they have now created a collection of backpacks, some for day hikes and others for trekking.

Hiking in free

Walking is free, easy, you can do it anywhere and it has countless health benefits. Just half an hour of walking a day can make you fitter, healthier and happier. And walking can be done anywhere at any time of the day, alone or in a group.

Advantages of hiking

Hiking has many benefits. The 8 benefits of hiking are:

  • It’s good for cardiovascular health
  • It keeps diseases at bay
  • It helps you lose weight and maintains your weight
  • It reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • It makes your bones strong
  • It reduces the risk of diabetes
  • It reduces stress
  • It improves your immune system

And if you want to hike in the woods or on the moors this summer, or are going on a hiking vacation to the mountains like us, then a good hiking backpack is essential. They provide comfort, hydration and for women a feminine fit! And believe me, this is really worth trying.

The 8 hiking backpacks from Osprey

Hikelite : The perfect entry-level backpack for the novice hiker. Functionality at a nice price. €80

Exos :The hiking backpack with the ideal balance of comfort and construction. Designed for year-round hiking, long trails and backpacking with a light backpack. €150-€170-€190

hiking with a backpack osprey

Eja :This brand new hiking backpack designed specifically for women is equipped with the same features as the Exos, but features a fit optimized for the female body. €150-€170

hiking with an osprey backpack

Atmos AG : The internationally acclaimed Atmos AG hiking backpack features Osprey’s innovative AntiGravity back system. For unparalleled comfort and ventilation. €220-€250

hiking with a backpack osprey

Aura AG : The twin sister of the Atmos AG, with the same strong performance, but tailored to the female body. €220-€250

hiking with a backpack osprey

Xenith : The ultimate backpacking backpack to carry large loads on long treks and expeditions. €280-€300-€320

hiking with a backpack osprey

Xena : The female counterpart of the Xenith, a real expedition backpack adapted to the female anatomy. €280-€300

hiking with an osprey backpack

Levity : The brand new minimalist backpack made of revolutionary material for ultra-light ventilation. €260-€280