Brain Balance Journal for Kids Positive habits Learn

Brain Balance Journal for Kids Positive Hours Learning

Brain Balance Journal for Kids: For all parents who want to teach their children positive habits at a young age. Brain Balance Expert Charlotte Labee recently launched this journal for children: the ultimate tool to encourage daily action. Knowing more? You read it here

The Brain Balance Journal for Kids

The Brain Balance Journal for Kids from Charlotte Labee is a journal for children from 4 to 12 years old and is positive habits for all parents who want to teach their children at a young age. Because in these first years of life the most important patterns and neural networks are laid out. How nice that we can learn the right right immediately, so that you put down a good basis?

Successful journals of Charlotte Labee

You may already know the successful “Journal for Adults” and the recently published “Teen Journal” by Charlotte Labee. On March 25, she launched the Brain Balance Kids Journal: the ultimate tool to encourage daily action. For all parents who want to teach their children positive habits at a young age, who are a good basis for a later age.

Keep memories and more

Now I am an avid user of a journal. Currently that is a bullet journal, but I have written many journals in the past. For me personally this is a bit of relaxation, tinkering and making, but certainly also writing.

I like to keep memories, but the lists in my journal also give me guidance.

Achieve your goals in just 15 minutes a day

Journals is a very effective method to get started with your goals in concrete terms. A journal is a kind of agenda, but one that thinks along with you. How is that in the Brain Balance Journal for Kids? Children get to work with gratitude in the Kids Journal, they learn that making mistakes is good and they learn to deal with their thoughts.

In the Brain Balance Kids Journal there is also “big man talk”, with further explanation about how the children’s brain works and how they can respond to situations. But the journal also contains nice exercises and assignments.


Children can work with gratitude playfully, they learn how to improve mistakes your brain, how you can give compliments, how you can meditate and what food does for your brain. For example, they learn to realize that setbacks sometimes belong and that they don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes. Charlotte: “With these fun kids journal, they learn to be grateful for the little things and above all to be proud of themselves.”In short: challenge your brain, don’t give up, and try to be creative.

Brain Balance Journal for Kids Children Learn Positive Habits

Journals changes your brain (and your life)

Writing in the journal increases concentration and lowers the stress level: by writing something you make things concrete. As a result, the thinking and learning capacity improve and also your mood and creativity. Charlotte: “Something you repeatedly write down and pay attention, changes your neural networks. Change your brain, and therefore your life.”

The theme ’ s that are discussed

All the important brain themes that are discussed in the adult journal and in the Teen Journal can also be found in the Kids Journal: Brain Knowledge, Stress, Sleep, Brain Food, Movement and Relaxation.

The Brain Balance Journal for Kids is now for sale for € 19.99.

What do we think of this journal?

I have requested a copy of the Brain Balance Journal because our son sometimes has trouble concentrating. We saw that for the first time during home education and although we talk a lot about it, it can help him to take a moment of peace every day. Now he sees me journals every day and was therefore pleasantly surprised that I had a journal for him.

A very nice book to read and write

What is immediately noticeable about this Journal for Kids is the hard cover and nice page ’ s. It is precisely because of this hard cover that the journal remains beautiful and the page ’ s are good sturdy and thick. Children can also write well at a younger age.

The colors are very appealing and attractive. The parts for the parents – declared with boring big man talk – interesting to read and also gives you as a parent tips.

Brain Balance Journal for Kids Children Learn Positive Habits

Clearly read

The letters in the book are large, so that it can also be read for children who learn to read and because of the appealing pictures and faces it is easy to frame for children. Our son was a bit awaiting in the beginning, but I like to sit together every day. The information is clear and written in a fun way.

I think these Kids Journal before is a very good step for him, but also for us on the way to high school. It is recommended for children who like to be able to write down thoughts, work with goals, learn to concentrate, but also to learn and give compliments.