Nerf Nitro and Transformers

Nerf Nitro and Transformers

Nerf Nitro and Transformers are always a hit in children. Nice to play alone, but also together. Tips for the wish lists this year.

Why? I like to show that.

Small children grow up

Lego, Playmobil, Auto ’ S and Transformers That is the toys that are on the wish lists here. Toys that children can enjoy themselves and is always a hit. We know Nerf, but Nerf Nitro is new.

But immediately popular!

Nerf Nitro Throttleshot Blitz

Everything can be tough and fast nowadays. With the Throttleshot Blitz set from Nerf Nitro this will certainly work. The Throttleshot Blitsz, as it were, fires the car ’ s and can do spectacular stunts.

You can install the obstacles as you want and let the foam car in the blaster.

Aim and shoots the car for a quick stunt campaign! The Nerf Nitro Throttleshot Blitz has a blaster, 2 obstacles, a foam car and a manual.


The youngest is super enthusiastic about the Nerf Nitro Throttleshot Blitz. In addition to the two obstacles, he uses even more obstacles that he can find and extracts the most complicated stunts. The car is very fast, so ideal that it is made of foam, so it is no problem when it comes to wall, cupboard or door. The recommended age is 5+ and this Throttleshot Blitz costs € 14.99

Transformer + Power Cube

Earlier this year there was the Transformers Film The Last Knight. The boys were just too young for this movie, but they are completely love transformers. It is of course also super cool that you can turn a robot into a truck, or an airplane from a robot.

This fall, Hasbro is introducing a unique development for Transformers. The All Spark Technology. With this technology you bring the transformers from the latest Transformers Film The Last Knight to life.

How? Insert the Power Cube in the chest of your favorite transformer and he talks! The Power Cube also activates sound and light effects that are specifically associated with this transformer.

Never before had you had the power to bring your transformers figures to life so realistically.

This way you can hear Optimus Prime string when you walk with him and Bumblebees Motor will rage as soon as you have transformed it into his sports car mode. The Power Cube can be placed on any figure and recognizes the character itself. Each figure has 20 unique sentences and sound effects.

This technological innovation is an absolute scoop in the world of action figures.

How does it work

The oldest has this Optimus Prime, the robot that turned into a truck. In addition to Optimus Prime itself, the set also contains the Allspark Tech Power Cube and a USB charger.

From robot to vehicle

The Transformers figures are 14 centimeters in size and in 5 steps they transform them from robot to vehicle. Well my oldest already has more transformers. But this Optimus Prime was the first time he could immediately change him from robot in truck.

The manual was very clear. The boys are very enthusiastic about the transformers. It is therefore very cool that he changed robot into truck in a few seconds and then with the sounds and light effects.

Among other things, the truck makes noise when it continues the bend, the robot talks and releases different colors in his chest depending on what you do with it.

tough toys

Age 6+ and this starter set with Transformers, Power Cube and charger costs € 49.99. The Power Cube lasts very long after charging.

More Transformers

In addition to Optimus Prme, Bumblebee, Hound, Drift and Barricade can also. be activated with this power cube. But pay attention. First you will have to buy the starter package to have the Power Cube.

Of course there are many more Transformers products for sale.

Here the boys are completely enthusiastic, so maybe a great tips for the holidays!