A miracle serum- the 7 day ampoule cure from Babor

A miracle serum – the 7-day ampoule treatment from Babor

Give your skin an extra boost with the 7 day treatment ampoule treatment from Babor. These ampoules are little wonder serums, the various ingredients in high concentrations provide as ampoule cure namely for the face and cleavage. It is a nice gift set to give or get.

7 day ampoule treatment

Babor is known as the leading international brand of professional cosmetics. They have everything for cleansing the face, makeup, face and body care and different product lines including this ampoule cure. A treatment that can be counted as a wonder serum for the skin.

Maximum results, minimum effort

I recently received the 7 day ampoule cure ‘White Collection’, this is an ampoule gift set with 7 different active ingredient concentrates. Just seven days of extra care for the skin! What’s in a pack:

Day 1: Hydra Plus- The maximum power of hyaluron for maximum skin hydration. Immediately more moisture and 24 hours intensive padding for less wrinkles.

Day 2: Multi Vitamin- The vitamin boost re-energizes weakened skin – for healthy, fresh and radiant skin.

Day 3: Algae Vitalizer – Hydration and vitality for a strong microbiome.

Day 4: Perfect Glow- For an ultimate glow and smooth, flawless skin all day long.

Day 5 Active Night- For nighttime relaxation – active ingredient power for visibly rested, regenerated and firmed skin in the morning.

Day 6: 3D Firming- For defined contours, more firmness and fewer wrinkles.

Day 7: Lift Express- The ultimate anti-wrinkle ampoule with immediate effect.

The effect of the cure

This regimen, with perfectly matched ampoules, begins with hydration and build-up. The cure ends with regeneration and definitive anti-aging. All this for radiant skin in just 7 days.

The set not only conquers the hearts of ampoule lovers, but is also perfect for newcomers to ampoules.

miracle serum for every skin type

The packaging

The packaging of the ampoule treatment is very beautiful and stylish and therefore so nice to give or receive. The packaging with each ampoule clearly states the day. On the first ampoule is a gray ampoule opener, with this ampoule opener you open the ampoules very easily and safely. If you’d rather do it without this opener, grab a tissue so you don’t get your fingers open.

Shake the ampoule and open it with a tug at the lower colored ring. You can then pour the concentrate into the palm of your hand and then apply to your face, neck and décolleté. After this you can apply a care cream.

In the ampoule there is more than enough content to take good care of the face, neck and cleavage.

Babor with love

A miracle serum for every skin type

Skin care is very important to me and I like to be able to give my skin an extra boost every now and then. I really like this 7 day ampoule treatment from Babor. It gave me a very fresh feeling on my skin every day and the serum absorbed well.

Immediately after use, I noticed that my skin felt soft and that has actually remained so for a long time. I am a fan of this ampoule treatment!